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sierrahornSierra Horn Quartet - French Horns

Mark Jones, Tawnee Lillo, Kirsten Morrison, and led by Harold Aschmann who started playing horn at tens years of age, and never was able to get it out of his system. He has performed with the Riverside and Redlands Symphonies, done a five year stint in the Orquesta Sinfonca Municipal de Caracas, Venezuela, and even played with the Sinfonica de Aguas Calientes, Mexico. Harold is a member of the Great Notes Ensemble who appeared in First Sundays, 2003-2004 season.

Harold has toured the U.S., and Canada providing the music for the English Eurythmy Theater, and not even regretted it once. Presently he plays with the San Fernando Valley Symphony, and the Carson Symphony. His hobbies include hiking, and beer brewing (purely to satisfy his technical yearnings of course!).

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